Namibia's Environmental Management Act of 2007 came into force in 2012 with the Promulgation of its Regulations. Many activities now require environmental clearance certificates and the assessment process must be managed by a designated environmental assessment practitioner. Amongst other requirements, these practitioners must have knowledge of and experience in conducting assessments, including knowledge of the Environmental Management Act, its regulations and guidelines, and be objective.

EAPAN was established in 2012, following a consultative process amongst environmental assessment professionals working in Namibia.


To provide a national forum for advancing innovation, to promote international best practice and to develop capacity in all forms of environmental assessment at local, regional and national levels in Namibia.



To provide a national network on best practice in the use of environmental assessment for informed decision-making regarding policies, programmes, plans and projects.



The values of the Association are as follows:

  1. EAPAN promotes the application of integrated and participatory approaches to environmental assessment, conducted to the highest professional standards.
  2. EAPAN believes the assessment of biological, physical, ecological, social, economic, cultural and health implications of proposed activities, products, services or facilities to be a critical contribution to sound decision-making processes, and to equitable and sustainable development.
  3. EAPAN promotes access to information and the right of citizens to have a voice in decisions that affect them. This includes the free flow of complete, unbiased and accurate information to decision-makers and affected parties when assessing the impacts of policies, programmes, plans and projects.
  4. Respect for human dignity and human rights should underpin all assessments.
  5. EAPAN acknowledges that environmental assessments should consider the impact of development on both present and future generations.
  6. EAPAN cherishes Namibia's diverse cultural and natural heritage and undertake to respect and protect such heritage for the benefit of present and future generations.


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